We take the security and location of the services we provide very seriously; as a result,  that is why we use a UK based data provider which is located close to London, this means you are well connected and guaranteed a high quality service!

Call us on 07543 167061 or contact us via email: info@webplus-design.co.uk or speak to us via chat during normal working hours.

Hosting, Domain Registration, Email

A great looking website is only as good as the hosting. We have 99.9% assurance of 24/7 365 days a year up-time from our data providers, that’s the best in the business! In addition to this we have high end security and data protection from attack and accidental destruction, because our servers are backed up regularly.

The Domain Registration service we provide for .com and .uk are free for the life of your hosting with WebPlus Design. You’r request for a domain to be registered is based on availability of course, but we always do our best to get as close to what you want. We will also offer our advice on this subject because of how it can affect the marketing of your business.

Email is a very important part of any business communication. We provide a full service for integration of email services to your business including web-mail and access to email via well known clients like outlook. We provide straightforward documentation on how to configure your email, but also provide personal assistance where needed.


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